Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Habitat Home: Craft Christmas

I have plans on not buying Christmas gifts this next Christmas.  Let me rephrase that because people are nasty and say things without reading or going any further, you know, being judgmental without walking in another person's shoes.  I am making the gifts.

You heard me right.  I am going to make it all for every member of my family.  I am so tired of wasting money on things that they will only play with for a short time and I've noticed, the toys my kids play with the most may not be the most gorgeous but they are hand made by myself or their grandma.

I need to buy supplies because I plan on making soaps, lotions, clocks and more!  I'm going to be a very busy person between my garden and gifting (tea from my garden will be part of that gift).  I thought I would show you guys a few of the things I'm working on.

This is what you can do with Mardi Gras beads that you were going to toss out. This isn't finished but all I did was use a clothes hanger, pink fabric, beads that I had already, twine, and fishing line.  The  beads and fabric were given to me and the rest was already things I own.  My daughter has seen me work on this.  She loves it and wants it.  I told her I'm giving it to someone else.  One of those white lies you tell your child.

This is a Hot Wheels town.  This is the prototype the boys don't know I have plans for a felt version of this.

This I had supplies for already so it is another freebie.  It's cork board, crayon, ribbon, findings, and beads.

I need  fabric paint to finish these but as you can see, they are owlies. The buttons were given to me and the supplies I already own which means free!

This is a children's sweater that was on it's way to a second hand store free! I think I may embellish it a bit.

I have to purchase craft hair clips for  these but the satin fabric was from an ice skating outfit my mom made for my daughter.  This is what you can do with scraps.

I have to use a bead reamer to drill a hole in the top.  It still needs ribbon and jumprings which I already have so it is another freebie.  This is made with wax paper and hot glue.

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