Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Habitat Home: More Homemade Gifts

As I stated before, I'm not buying Christmas presents this year.  I making them.  As I go, I'm going to let you guys see what I'm doing!

This is a hair bow keeper.  It came from a shirt that no longer fits my daughter, a tutu that I made my daughter that no longer fits my daughter , some ribbon, hot glue and a piece of Styrofoam that I shaped.

This is the first thing ever that I've done wood burning on.  I love how it turned out.

I thought this would make an awesome gift.  I can draw basic things so what I did was I drew the image with pencil and  went over my drawing.

My first ever Mod Podge 

I sanded a pop can, cut it open and traced circles to cut out.  I took a stamping set and the hammer Habitat for Humanity handed us on dedication day and stamped words on.  I used permanent marker to color over  top of this and then I sanded  to make it appear like it has a patina.  

This is the beginning of another project.  I purchased a bunch of china cups and dishes at the second hand store that will all be candles.

I admit to spending $800 on crafting supplies.  To be fair, I didn't own a whole lot of  things to make stuff with. There are a lot of things that I won't be purchasing next year (like stamping kits, rotary fabric cutters, shirt paint, and stuffed animal patterns.)

There are a lot of things that already had on hand that are going to be used and some things were given to me.  All in all, I think it will be a great holiday full of surprises.

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