Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Habitat Home: More Unseen Pictures

Days before going back to build our home.  We were on a short break.

Packing with kids means piles of mess all in one corner so that when it was time to move it was quick and easy.  During this time we had a home inspection because in the projects, your home isn't  your home.  We failed this inspection because of the move.  If they were going to inspect a second time, like they promised, we would have been evicted regardless of  weather or not we are moving.  

Closet and pantry doors.


My finger and home.


This was our sink at the apartment.  We continued to tell housing about this issue and they did nothing.  This was not going to happen in our new home.  I painted our new sink with polyurethane.

New laundry room.


New sink

New kitchen area

Back yard

Days before moving

Our bathroom

Our laundry room

Donna Dehart in the boy's bedroom

Our really big crawl space

My daughter's bedroom

My bedroom

My husband coming from crawl space and our super freaky stairs.

Crawl space

I thought my outdoor light was pretty.

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