Monday, 11 March 2013

My Habitat Home: Things I'm Up To

I've been a wee bit busy making gifts and with a break in the weather, gardening.  I've got so many plans and ideas it's crazy.  We also threw a small birthday party for my husband.

I made home made candles with rosemary essential oil that's homemade.  

I extended the front garden.


I saw some really cute yard decorations that costs $36.  For what it was, I couldn't see paying that much.  I did want it but I figured I could make it for a lot less.  I already make homemade jewelry.  I had all the supplies on hand.  Wire, beads, and jewelers tools.  I would say it probably cost $2 tops. 

This is the first real pattern I've ever used.  Can you guess what it is?

Ella the elephant!

This is my husband's birthday cake and the most terrifying cake I've ever made.  Terrifying because I didn't  know if I could create Micheal Jackson.

We were thrilled!   The cake worked out but it later became like pictures in magazines.  I only wish I had piped teeth.  Those are so fun to blacken!

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